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LevelAgent was made to level the playing field for home owners and real estate agents. Jump into the next big industry leading tool to save thousands off listing your property.

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LevelAgent Pro Includes

Unlimited Listings for Sellers. Unlimited bids for Agents.

Direct Communication

Email Notifications and in app messaging lead to higher quality conversation for a less noise, more progress solution for your home sale.

A Complete System

Both agents and sellers use LevelAgent's well-rounded features as a meeting point to make deals - quickly.

Mobile Design

Manage your clientele and home sale all while you are on the go. Pairing an Agent and a Seller together has never been so easy!

Online Payments

Utilize our secure Stripe integration to land the easiest agreement between a seller and an agent you have ever been a part of.

Parcel Data

Unsure about what your piece of land offers? As you are typing in your address, you will see your home information pulled up - thanks to our integration with ReportAll.

Save Money

Save thousands on Real Estate Agent fees by using our premier bidding software.

Streamlined Communication

Utilize our email and text notifications to maintain close contact with your Agent or your Seller leading up to the big Sale!

Leads & Listings

Manage your leads and listings like never before. Keep all relevant information out in front of you to make sure you close more deals.

Return on Investment

Homeowners, by paying less in fees to sell your home you are getting a greater ROI!

Emails & SMS Messages

Our Email and SMS notifications are set to send automatically when bids are sent, listings are posted, and when you sign up for your account!


Both Agents and Sellers remain anonymous to each other until a deal has been made, in order to promote fairness and having an objective approach.

On the Clock

Once a homeowner publishes their listing, Agents will have 24 hours to make a bid. Scarcity of time makes the deals flow quickly!

Experience the Power of LevelAgent on the Go

Take advantage of LevelAgent's robust features right in the palm of your hand with our dedicated mobile apps for your phone or tablet. Designed to cater to Agents and Sellers who are constantly on the move, you can effortlessly manage your real estate sale wherever you are. Don't wait – download the app on your device today and get started on maximizing your real estate experience.

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