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Save THOUSANDS selling your home.

Software designed to increase value for Sellers and Agents. When real estate agents have to compete for a listing, homeowners SAVE! Post your listing on the LevelAgent platform and have your top local agents compete for your listing. Or, retain most of your equity and use our premium listing option to "Name Your Own Listing Fee" and let a top agent accept your offer.

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Tightly integrated with Stripe, Agents can make subscription payments on the web securely and quickly after the Free Trial period. LevelAgent cuts away the heavy lifting of negotiations and searches, and brings together Sellers and Agents on the same platform. With LevelAgent, it's time for Sellers to start saving money and Agents to start growing market share with more listings.

Endless features include:

Ease of Sale Email Notifications Quick Deals Choose your own Marketing Preferences Ease of Negotiation Lead Engagement Freedom of Price Homes ready to go Verified Property Data Notes & Attachments Online Payments Competitive Rates

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A no-fuss solution to placing your home on the market with the right Agent.

Use LevelAgent's novel software to strike the best deals and put your best foot forward on the market.

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All the features and all the support while saving money selling your house.

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Get the entire powerful LevelAgent app in the palm of your hand with mobile apps for your phone or tablet. Designed for Agents and Sellers on the go, you can manage your real estate sale directly on the go. Get started by downloading the app on your device today.

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